Touch North Harbour are proud to announce and congratulate the following coaches selected for 2021/2022 season. 

U10 Boys Team- Aaron Nootai

U10 Boys Team- Alastair McCabe

U10 Boys Team- Co Coaches Brownz Tagaloa and Miah Tagaloa

U10 Girls Team- Willie Woodhouse

U12 Boys Team- Nick Hotere

U12 Boys Team- Kenneth Tohovaka

U12 Girls Team-Michael Laursen

U12 Girls Team-William Hamiora

U14 Boys Team- Peter Brown

U14 Boys Team- Cedric Tamati

U14 Boys Team- Duane Mutu

U14 Boys Team- Dean Hughes

U14 Girls Team- Maraea Rameka

U14 Girls Team- Kaine Robertson

U14 Girls Team- Tom Edmonds

U14 Mixed Team- Dean Hughes

U16 Girls Team- Kim-anaka Baillie

U16 Boys Team- Nigel Krone

U16 Mixed Team- Peter Brown

U18 Girls Team- Willie Woodhouse

U18 Boys Team- Co Coaches George D'Urban-Burgess and Sage Magele

U18 Mixed Team- Co Coaches Michael Winiana and Moana Winiana

Open Mens Team- Joel Foster

Open Womens Team- Co Coaches Lovey Woodhouse and Kim-anaka Baillie

O40 Womens Team - Sandi Hackett

O30 Mens Team- Co Coaches Donny Woodhouse and Thomas Le Mouton

O40 Mens Team- Head Coach Stephen Zemba. Assistant Coach Ngarimu Blair

O50 Mens Team- Tom Edmonds

O55 Mens Team- Chris Hand

O60 Mens Team- Tony Matthews

Congratulations! We are very excited and look forward to working with you all for 2021/2022

Touch North Harbour Major Tournaments 2022-2023

Tri Series: U10 – U18 Teams

Saturday 14th January 2023. 

Tamariki Touch Classic

U10 – U14 Teams Saturday 28th January – Sunday 29th January 2023 (Auckland Anniversary). 

Youth Nationals

Friday 10th February – Sunday 12th February 2023. 

Nationals Masters

Thursday 2nd March 2023 – Saturday 4th March 2023. 

Nationals U21 and Opens

 Friday 3rd March 2023 – Sunday 5th March 2023. ​​​​​​​