Every team needs a coach or coaches

Coaches are provided by a range of individuals from the keen parent/supporter for junior or more casual teams to professional coaches for senior and representative teams. The key ingredients for a coach are:

  • a sound knowledge of the rules

  • a sound understanding of the principles and techniques of coaching

  • a positive attitude to good sportsmanship

  • a reasonable level of fitness

  • willingness to commit to the regular time demands of the role

The responsibilities of a coach will vary depending on the age and experience of players and the competitive level of the respective team, but are fundamentally:

  • to facilititate the development of player skills

  • to encourage player fitness

  • to motivate player commitment and effort

  • to foster camaraderie and good sportsmanship and a focus on team performance

Coaching training is available through a variety of resources provided by Touch North Harbour and Touch New Zealand.

Want to become a coach?

In general terms anyone can be a coach and casual volunteers can be called for at any time particularly during formation of junior teams. If you are keen and on the spot then volunteer. There are some coaching resources available on this website - go to the Resources page. Touch North Harbour also provide some simple entry level coaching courses for Coaches. See the Coaching Courses page of the website. For a more formal arrangement involving coaching training and assignment to senior or representative teams please go to the Representative Coaching section of this page, or the Coaching Courses page.

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Representative coaching 

Representative coaches are sort each year to cover teams from Under 10 right through to Over 60 Men's. For more information on the Representative Programme, go to the Representative page of this website.


It is a Touch New Zealand requirement that IPS coaches are Level 1 certified, and that National coaches are Level 1 certified working towards their Level 2. However, those without qualification that show promise via experience with their school/club teams may still be appointed for Rep coaching, but will be expected to sit their qualifications before the major tournament(s).
Please go to the Courses page of the website to check dates for Coaching Courses.

How Do I Become A Representative Coach or Manager?

It's as simple as filling out an application form. Please read our policies before proceeding. Job Descriptions, Policies and Application Forms can be found on the Representative page of this website.

In the new seaon all Coaches/Manager will ungo a police vetting check.